Bible Study

A weekly study, held on the morning of every Sabbath.


What is this about?

To uncover as much truth as possible while fostering a deeper knowledge of the scriptures.

What the schedule is:

Studies will be held in the morning, usually closer to sunrise. By Sabbath I am speaking of the Luni-Solar Sabbath. The Luni-Solar calendar I use is put out by World's Last Chance. A group that has many fascinating things to say about scripture. Though I have yet to decide whether or not all of their teachings are valid, they offer many fresh perspectives.

As far as New Moon Days, special Holidays, and other events the schedule has yet to be determined.

As far as the future goes...

...the goal is to do a live stream every Sabbath. Unfortunately the required setup for Dlive is fairly simple, but I'm operating with an extremely budget desktop and a simple smartphone. So my options are limited and won't be changing. If nothing else though the simple stream can offer a place for some discussion.

Notes for these studies will always be available here. Truth Bleeds Red is the central hub. If I'm active this is where to look for updates. I would like to also record a 30 minute podcast to accompany this, but that is a plan that may have to be postponed for the time being.

Time to start!

The url scheme for now will be sequential numbers. Starting with 001, 002, 003, etc.