October 26, 2018

About TBR

Red Pill Truths

A “red pill” truth is a truth that has been covered by lies and misdirections, that cannot be understood without a massive and live-changing paradigm shift, that often triggers the 5 stages of grief, some will never accept it, being perpetually stuck in the denial or anger phase, that when completely accepted will enable the acceptor to have “superpowers” over the ignorant.

Improving Systems

I want this blog to focus on how we can change the systems of our lives to improve them. With 2 caveats: 1. The subject matter is decidedly not mainstream (although I doubt that will bother most even if a subject or two is offputting). 2. These are ideas that I find valuable for some reason or another. Some I can back up with well thought reasons, others may be more of a whim.

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