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The authoritarian actions which are currently being normalized (12(1)) will require new strategies to live with effectively.

The Why

From 'Liberty, At All Hazards' a Facebook group.

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We are not protesting social distancing. We are protesting government overreach and an unnecessary burden on our economy.
We are protesting dads getting handcuffed for playing at parks with their kids. We are protesting lone fisherman being ticketed for providing food for their families, simply because their boat has a motor. We are protesting the silencing of civilian voices in our democratic process. We are protesting the unnecessary closure that is crippling small, seasonal businesses in our state.

Don't get it twisted. We are protesting tyranny, not caution. Caution is advisable. But we can do that with businesses open. We're all doing it right now. At gas stations, at grocery stores, anywhere we go in public. Those who want to protect themselves, are wearing gloves, masks, sanitizing and disinfecting.

Those who want to protect themselves, can wear masks and gloves and sanitize and disinfect to their heart's content.

But nobody, not even the government has the right to tell someone else what they have to wear, where they can and can't go, what they can and can't buy, etc. We never agreed to be governed in this manner. And those of us protesting do not intend to start now.

Fear is never an acceptable excuse for violating the rights of Americans as a whole. It's a copout.

Explain to me how subjugating your fellow man, makes you safer.

Does closing some businesses, magically make people stay 6 feet apart at the stores that are still open? Nope.

Does someone not wearing a mask or gloves, magically nullify your mask or gloves? That's totally not how PPE works, so no.

Does someone in their car, risk contaminating you, in your car? Also no.

Subjugating our fellow citizens, does not actually make anyone safer. It just makes people FEEL safer. People are losing their rights so others can feel safer…

Keep YOURSELF safe. But don't give up all your rights to the government to do it. Look at other countries. When you want those rights back, you literally may have to die to get them back.”

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