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Now here's a challenge: finding some historical documents which shed some actual light on the golden fringe. Stuff that cannot easily be dismissed. I absolutely loved S-Frog's letter, and I want to replicate it.

Also there's the debate of what value can I add? Where do I provide value in this “truth” community. After all there are gigabytes upon gigabytes of archives once you begin to look. Information which could use some serious editing. But still it's there, at scale. So unless I go all the way and produce a book, I don't see the value.

Another form of value would be experimenting. And on a small scale that's possible. Another would be creating. All thing considered, that final one sounds the best.

Problem is, creating digital goods sucks. It's rather inhuman.

An entirely analog mailing list? Not sure how that might work, but I bet it could. Need more research into the whole 2 cent stamp to understand how that is valuated.

Decentralized mail system? I'm happy to drop and carry things along my bike path. It would certainly make each adventure more exciting.

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