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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


Everything is editable. Including (and especially) this page. Unless a page has otherwise been clearly claimed for use by certain people. Eg. “Evan's Thoughts on the World”. For everything else, you may edit as you wish so long as it respects what already exists. Make clear notes about your intentions when you edit someone's work. Ideally we will all sharpen each other's efforts.

Resources are limited. This project is hosted on a virtual server. There should be plenty of space and bandwidth to go around, but as with anything they are not infinite. Feel free to upload photos, videos, audio, etc; and I will try to cap it at 10GB for the whole media collection. If things get tight I'll post a notice and consider investing in more data.

Fact and Fiction are separate. Please do not allow speculation to become intermingled with factual information. The purpose of this is to allow quality research to stand on its own merits. As well as make it easier for certain documents to be cited.

Common Sense & Decency Shall Prevail The Golden Rule, civility, common sense, being kind. Whatever term you want to use, just behave well.


Aliases Names should be proper names. No gator45 or yomama666. More dignified names are preferred. They can be of any tradition of your choosing, and with unicode you're welcome to request one with less common symbols so long as it's supported.

Anonymity Any individual's right to maintain his/her anonymity should be respected. If that is ever not the case, please let me know.

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