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Dec 27

Bug Out Bag

Been a bit of a drifter the last year. Just got a new backpack for Christmas, so let’s do a plan for a bug out bag. Nutrition Pack (3 days of calories, 30 days of nutrition) Kava, Kratom, Tobacco & Pipe, and/or liquor. (for relaxation and recreation) Fire Kit: Starters (wax and paper), bic lighters, sparker, etc. Pot for cooking Handkerchief Wall charger, phone battery pack, external …


Dec 19


TL;DR I would like to respect my parents. I want my nephew to be protected from harm that will follow him through his life. Protecting him from harm is more important than disrespecting my parents’ wishes. It would make sense to let things be through this season, but come January, I will take action against her. The Next Blog Post, After I’ve Got My Computer Back Parental Respect …


Nov 29

Law and Order

It was first in high school that I began to think about the ways in which the laws of our government may be unjust. Of course the movements of Ghandi and MLK Jr were at the forefront as a result of the curriculum I was following. But I also had a healthy reverence for the troublemaker activist. The kind of people who don’t hesitate to grab an illicit copy of the “Anarchist’s …


Nov 17

Perspectives On Building Systems

As a child I dreamed of being an inventor or design that solved real problems for real people; and made money while doing it. Unfortunately after a semester in college it became clear that the form of “capitalism” that houses modern corporations is all about shuffling paperwork. And it’s within that system that modern engineering exists. The true builders, creators, and …


Nov 12

Podcast Plan

Thoughtful Programming I, II, III Because it is just as much about how to think as it is about programming. The concepts almost certainly apply to any system with potential for beauracratic overwhelm. Legal History Magna Carta? English & Euro Common Law circa 1500-1700s Colonial Laws / Court Cases Declaration Of Independence
Nov 6

Thinking Clearly, Part 2

My ability to do what needs to be done, without enforcement, is weak. Much weaker than I am comfortable with. It is partly a consequence of circumstance, and partly my own fault of character. But despite that I have plenty of examples of harden resolve to accomplish my tasks. This is not the status quo of my life, it is the status quo when I have shelter and food provided.


Nov 2

Thinking Clearly, Part I

Here’s something I’ve forgotten about. Mindfulness Some years ago I was made aware of that concept. At the time it clicked as the state of mind where I am “on”, as opposed to just dicking around with my fingers on the keyboard without accomplishing anything. Such a simple concept. But by having the vocabulary I could now set out on my own to research and understand it.


Oct 26

Tooth Decay

A few years ago I came across a blog talking about the “Tooth Decay Protocol”. I had recently been thinking about dental health and it immediately caught my eye. Pretty soon I had purchased the book that it came from, “Cure Tooth Decay”, by Ramiel Nagel. Worth every penny. It is a thorough education on dental health from a natural perspective. The Story We’re Raised …


Oct 25

First Post

Welcome! edited: Feb 4, 2019 ——-——-——-——-——-——-——-——-——-——- This post is here (as is the rest of my content) as a journal. So that when I chance across a true nugget of gold we will have a record of the process that led to that discovery. The Inspiration One goal of this project …


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