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Dec 20

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Conclusions

by Jeff Fox Conclusion Novice programmers, or commodity component programmers in some languages are given a problem and start right in writing (or pasting) code. More experience programmers know that time invested in understanding the problem and designing the solution is more important than jumping into coding. The master programmer knows that this stage may deserve being done more than once or …


Dec 19

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Ch 3

by Jeff Fox Third 10x Now that brings us to the third 10x that Chuck has up his sleeve. This is the one that I found most elusive. This is the stuff that he has not explicitly and repeatedly presented to the Forth community. It is the stuff that is not obvious to everyone and which you have to dig in to find. I can only assume that given the reaction that Chuck has received for the advice he has …


Dec 18

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Ch 2

by Jeff Fox The Second 10x The first Forth in hardware was the Novix. Chuck wrote cmForth for the first Forth machine. cmForth was only a few K of object code and about 30k of source. It included a metacompiler to compile itself. It included an optimizing native code compiler for the Novix that was very small and very powerful. It was so fast that when running off a floppy disk it could boot and …


Dec 17

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Ch 1.5

by Jeff Fox The First 10x in Forth Forth had a surge of popularity in the seventies when FIG was distributing source and alternatives were limited. Many users who discovered Forth at that time reported elation at the increase in their productivity. They wrote programs faster, they debugged them faster, they maintained the more easily. They reported that they could write much smaller and much …


Dec 16

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Ch 1

by Jeff Fox Chapter 1 Most of the Forth community has had little exposure to the evolution of Chuck’s Forth for the last fifteen years and have now become deeply entrenched in their habits from twenty years ago. Chuck has lamented that no-one has published a book teaching people how to do Forth well. Chuck has seen how other people use Forth and is generally not impressed. On this page I …


Dec 15

Thoughtful Programming and Forth: Intro

by Jeff Fox Preface 1 Computers are amazing machines. They have an incredible potential. At their best they provide an extension to our minds and our traditional media assisting us in storing and retrieving data, making calculations and decisions, visualizing information, and communicating information between humans. At their worse they introduce nightmarish complexity and problems into our lives. …


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