November 6, 2018

Thinking Clearly, Part 2

My ability to do what needs to be done, without enforcement, is weak. Much weaker than I am comfortable with. It is partly a consequence of circumstance, and partly my own fault of character. But despite that I have plenty of examples of harden resolve to accomplish my tasks. This is not the status quo of my life, it is the status quo when I have shelter and food provided.

There is a time and a place for the argument for just surviving and enjoying my free time. But this isn’t it. I need to increase my ability to work for the future. Based on past experiences and current insights my conclusion is that mindfulness is the word that points to a solution.

Increased Mindfulness

This is the first part that will return my mind to the land of the living. Otherwise it’s just a passive observer, at best.

  1. Have human contact asap.
  2. Get dressed, and go outside asap.
  3. Make tea
  4. Exercise
  5. Creative work

Carrot And Stick

For myself the stick keeps me from doing something stupid, while the carrot encourages me to do my best work. You’ll have to decide for yourself which to emphasize more.

. carrot stick
Praise Have a running list of compliments, good reviews, check IG. Be my own critic, spend some time thinking about the value I give
Story If I act according to my best self: by week, month, etc. If I fail to act this week, month, half-year…
Focus Consider the money I am able to earn if I just apply myself Block out the apps that I distract myself with

Hold Onto Momentum

Sleep lightly Some days I am able to sleep deep in only 4 hours. When I wake from these quick rests, I’m still energized from the previous day. With adrenaline pumping I tackle the first few hours of the next day. Around 9-11am I start to crash. If I have to I can power through. Or I take a 3 hour nap and am ready for a productive afternoon/evening.

This requires me to remain unattached to ‘news’. Can’t care about keeping up with friends, staying up to date on youtube, or listening to all of my podcasts.


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