December 19, 2018



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Parental Respect

This as good a time as any to analyze the bonds of family and the duties that cut across these relationships. The case is ready and just begging to be opened. But I have refrained, to respect the wishes of my parents and (probably) my brother.

The fact is that my nephew is suffering and his childhood is already halfway over. If I wait much long the returns will diminish drastically. It’s true my parents and my brother are putting a huge amount of effort into the same goal, but if my method is shown to be much more potent the benefits could be amplified many times down the road. After all it’s the incomplete picture of the legal world that: * traps us into bad healthcare systems * sacrifices a portion of our income * determines our choice of education for children

Nephew is put under lots of pressure from the logistical gymnastics his parents and grandparents go through to take care of him. They went through the entire process to reassert their custodial privilidges. It didn’t get them anything. And cost thousands of $.

For the sake of completion below is the notice in its entirety:

Hello Crystal,

I hope that this letter has found you well. Typically it is not my policy to engage myself with the familial business of my nephew. However my observations of him over the past year have convinced me otherwise. I strongly feel that by writing to you directly we may be able to reach an understanding to ensure that my nephew is treated properly in the future.

As a young mother, who has no doubt been given an imperfect upbringing, you have the unique gift of a life to nurture and care for. A chance (that many do not) to rise above the mediocrity as a truly exceptional mother for your child. Despite your mistakes so far, between my parents, my brother, your family, and your friends you have an array of resources available to you. Resources that could place you on an honorable path very quickly, if you were to accept them.

So far though you’ve been very keen on keeping yourself in a perpetual state of poverty. And so far your performance as the mother of my nephew has been very disappointing. Under your care and custody he has sustained significant injury. Which is why I am writing this letter to notify you (in case you were unaware) of these; and to notify you of what actions you may take to remedy your mistakes.

As a mother you have a considerable responsibility to care for your child and to protect him from injury. This is a societal expectation that has been codified in our moral code, our laws, and our legal codes. You have broken that responsibility from your neglect and (perhaps willful) ignorance. As a result I am demanding restitution, on behalf of my nephew, for the following injuries:

  1. An unclean home. Alex was observed to have Flea/Bed Bug bites.
  2. Smoking in close quarters with Alex
    • Which has aggravated or caused his respiratory issues.
  3. A lack of care towards Alex’s psychological well being. Leaving him in the care of individuals of unknown character.
    • Unnecessarily disrupting his life.
    • Keeping him awake late into the night.
    • All of this has resulted in a recent display of regressive behavior:
  4. Opening the freezer to chew baby teethers on a regular basis.
  5. Putting small items in his mouth again after nearly a year of not doing it.
  6. Continued use of diapers with little interest in using a toilet, which at his age of 3 years and 7 months is becoming increasingly inappropriate and detrimental to his future self-esteem.

In the development of any child these are significant issues that must be addressed. If these injuries are in fact honest mistakes or negligence then this is your opportunity to remedy them. The damages you are responsible for:

  1. General Damages $20,000
  2. Cost of Play Therapy for 3.5 years until the age of 7. One $90 session a week for 180 weeks is $16,200.
  3. Respiratory treatments $2000 or according to proof.

In the spirit of keeping our conduct civil and well documented I request that all of our correspondence is written, with your responses sent to my parents house. At this point you have 5 options:

  1. You may accept my proposal and pay damages directly.
  2. You may make a counter offer. Perhaps to pay damages in smaller monthly payments, or need reassurance that they will benefit Alex. I would be happy to consider any reasonable offers you make.
  3. You may reject this proposal in its entirety if there is an error in my description, judgment, or conclusions.
  4. You may reject it, without giving a reasonable cause.
  5. Lastly you may simply ignore this letter.

If you choose number one, two, or three we will proceed to find an agreement that we both find acceptable. If you choose option four or five, I will be taking lawful action against you in court. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am looking forward to your response.

Evan, on behalf of, Alex Surname


Needs to add points for “black-eye” and stools that demonstrate a poor diet.

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