December 28, 2018

Nutritional Survival Pack, Mark 1

  1. Portable Soup, 30 cubes
  2. Dried Herbs, fistful
  3. Dried Veggies, 1 cloth sack
  4. Pemmican, 5-10 bars
  5. Ghee, 1 jar
  6. Whole Spices, mustard, ginger, peppercorns, cumin
  7. Salt, kombu, bottled minerals, salt fish
  8. Dried Fruit, 1 small bag
  9. Tea, loose leaf black,green,matcha,pu-erh
  10. Dessicated Liver, cut into shreds
  11. Supplements, mixed ascorbates, nascent iodine
  12. Digestive Bitters, Swedish

All of these ingredients are to be harvested personally or purchased from the best of sources.

Portable Soup

Scratch made. Best quality chicken, duck, goat, sheep, or beef. saw bones into small chunks as best as possible. Boil/simmer for a few hours with bones, then remove and reduce. The goal is a demiglace type consistency. Should set quickly into aluminum trays.

Dried Herbs

Go to farmers market, get as close to organic, and as flavorful as possible. Thyme, Rosemary, basil, mint Can be used for hot drinks too.

Dried Veggies

Go for what’s in season, and most organic/flavorful. Soup veggies

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