January 3, 2019

Land Lease


  1. Leasing Option
  2. Buy
    • Find a large selloff, make offer for parcel.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a mid-twenties man looking for a deal for a lease of land.

Will be in the area from Spring 2019, until 2020. Probably longer. Although unexpected events have led to this decision I would like to pursue my plan to spend more time outdoors, and learn build a house.

What I’m looking for:

Any amount of land between 14 acre and 5 acres, that the owner would be comfortable having myself live off of. Being a generally private person I would have only the occasional visitor. The structure I live within would depend entirely on local regulations which I would of course consider before making a deal. All other activities such as gardening, building campfires, etc. are entirely at owner’s discretion. I would be very grateful to any and all offers out there.

Now, let me try and illustrate what you have to gain from a deal like this.

Steady income Who doesn’t enjoy extra income that requires little effort? As the lease would be one on the land alone the fair market value will be rather low for a lease, yet the effort of upkeep is zero.

Maintenance of Land Any issues such as an overgrown lawn would be my responsibility as the renter.

Cultivation align with Permaculture Principles I am inclined to pay for land that has an option for gardening. So depending on the scope of that ability I would very much enjoy spending time building small gardens around the home that are well manicured and afford a source of food as well. If I were to do that it would be in alignment with the principles of permaculture. Meaning (in part) that I would work only with the natural resources of the land. Making minimal changes.

Preparation for new tenant when I am ready to leave you will probably want to explore and spend time in the land that you have been leasing for the past year or two, (I certainly would). But after a short while of that, or after trying to find a use for it, you may decide you appreciated the extra income. And with a new dwelling, productive gardens, and established expectations, it’ll be so ready that you may even double the lease price.

Dwelling In this scenario it seems fitting that I would build a mobile home on wheels in the style of the “TinyHome”. It allows me the option to take it with me when my time is up. Yet it may be in both of our interests for you to purchase it from myself for a discounted price (waiving of the last 4 months rent for example), so that the land is now set and ready for the next tenant.

Now that I’ve written this I’m already starting to change it. I like the Tiny Home method. If I build one, I want to keep it.

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