January 3, 2019

Tiny House


Price Item
$3000 Structural Materials
$3000 Trailer
$1000 Tools (Air compressor, and pneumatic tools)
$600 Wood Stove
Front Door
Bathroom Door (outside?)
Bathroom Window
$120 Futon & Sleep System

Styles Of Tiny Houses

  1. Professionally made, custom
  2. Repurpose an enclosed trailer
  3. Built with trailer as base


One or two afternoons, to build the subfloor.

Then goes the frame. This should have enough strength to be climbed like a jungle gym. The highest point will be 13.5 feet off the ground. I don’t think there are very many features that need to be built into it. As the skeleton is assembled I need to choose spots for 2 large windows, upstairs venting windows, a skylight, and a door, scratch that. I only need special space for a comfortable door. Porthole windows will do just fine between the studs.


I very much want a sewage plugin with a “regular” toilet (aka plastic, small size, lightweight with high quality mechanics) and a city water inlet. But I will plan for that option and for the water tank + composting toilet, because that may end up being the most viable.

It may be sensible to have a water port on the top that goes straight into a tank. With the water being treated outside first. It wouldn’t have much capacity, maybe 10 -20 gallons. The water would be heated that way, provide it’s own pressure.


Insulation and wood stove would be unnecessary for awhile if I start to build in spring. Once I do get to winter though, I should seek to insulate minimally, use wood stove for cooking and heating water.

Water Disposal

Graywater Sink, shower, hand wash, and cooking. All of the waste water that is gray leads straight into the yard. Except during the winter

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