January 11, 2019

Right 2 Travel

Jacquie Figg

Traveling without a [driver’s] license since 2003

Read the codes and concluded that she had a right to travel. Sent letters to the Attorney General, Governor, etc. [Of California] Their responses confirmed her ideas. In that the laws did not apply to her. With that conclusion she set out to cancel the documents of registration, and licensing. Which was accomplished around 2004. With a series of back and forth letters. She “contracted out of the system”, had it all notarized, The conclusion that she and 6 individuals of the state came to: it was not for her. [having a license].

Issued her own documents: identity, certificate of absolute ownership, issued her own bond for insurance, or financial responsibility. Was a lot of work. And was perfectly safe for a couple of years, everybody was noticed and had no issues.

Arrested and impounded 2 years into it. Officer was confounded that he couldn’t find any trace of her. 9 hours after they located old tickets, and put her back into the system. Had a bail of $920,000 couldn’t hold her, was released often. Never went to court. Went on for years and years with the bail steadily increasing up to the $920k. She is confident her original conclusions are correct.

Ultimately ended up with a $100 fine, definitely not a fugitive. Have been tested with other people. “The California Vehicle Code only applies (private code) to certain persons. Only applies to certain property within a certain location.”

Personal that the CVC applies to. Section 210-52 “The provisions of this code applicable to drivers of vehicles upon the highways applicable to the drivers of all the vehicles while engaged in the course of employment by this state, any political subdivision thereof, any municipal corporation, or any district. Including authorized emergency vehicles subject to those exemptions granted such authorized emergency vehicles in this code.”

Originally a place to keep information on the collective property. Aka police cars. Not intended for private property. Secretary of State had a system for registering private vehicles.

Highway Patrol (Enforcement Division of The Dept Of Motor Vehicles) main job is to report to California Congress. Find faults in system so Congress can fix the problem legislatively. An officer may use as many flairs as he needs to w/o using his own funds. Dept to keep track of collective property + Another entity to enforce the laws of that property paraphrase: “If at the time of an accident he [an officer] discovers that a person is required to be licensed and is not licensed, that the car is required to be registered and is not registered; then he’s to issue a citation in triplicate and they are to appear at the DMV for a hearing.”

Construction of The Code Singular includes the plural, plural includes the singular. Commisioner of the highway patrol. Can be plural. Technically traffic court is “quasi-civil”. Really for state employees and operators of state property, since they are required to protect the public.

Purview of the Property * State-owned, CVC-260 A - “A commercial vehicle is a motor vehicle of a type required to be registered under this code, used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit, or designed used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.”

Does not apply to us or our property. (in common english)


29 codes in Cali, are actually under one single statute. References within the code use internal definitions unique to that statute. CA is a federal corporation under the Bach Act. All the states are considered federal corporations. Something to look at is the taxing forum. Where the laws are located. Revenue and Taxation Code 130 F “The term ‘in this state’ means within the exterior limits of the state of california, and includes all territory within these limits owned by, or ceded to The United States of America.”

Construction Of The Constitution 1. Creation of the Gov’t “for and by the People” 2. Formation of the administration of the gov’t

These are 2 separate entities, we keep falling into the latter. State employees, gov’t employees, state property, etc.

USA is a gov’t and an administrative “meta” gov’t. Prefer the idea of belief system rather than fraud. Lots of beliefs that are deeply held.

The other part

How did I get into this? Acted on beliefs to register and gain a license. The DMV only has one system and one type of license, so of course you fell into that hole. You did it to yourself, blindly.

California Vehicle Code 174-59, “The acceptance by a resident of this state of a certificate of ownership or a certificate of registration of any motor vehicle, or any renewal thereof issued under the provisions of this code, shall constitute the consent by the person that service of summons may be made upon him within or without this state, whether or not he is then a resident of this state in any action brought by the courts of this state, upon a cause of action arising in this state out of the ownership or operation of a motor vehicle.” *Unique construction of words, starts as a resident, of the ‘pseudo-state’, in 1860s land was ceded away from the United States of America. Land patents land was ceded away now they talk about land that was ceded to the US.

CVC 174-60 “The acceptance or retention by a resident of this state, of a driver’s license issued pursuant to the provisions of this code, shall constitute the consent of the person, that service of summons may be made on him, within or without this state, whether or not he is then a resident of this state, in any action brought in the courts of this state, upon a cause of action arising in this state out of his operation of a motor vehicle anywhere within this state.”

Consenting. Acceptance implies there’s a choice. It is a civil action, they are required to have your consent. None of this things are in stone, you can escape, but having your consent makes it harder for you and easier for them to drag you in. They can’t issue a warrant.

When traveling without a license it becomes their assumption that you forgot to renew it. One element to overcome.

If young and never had a license, when stopped. They will issue a ticket, wtih a weird number in place of a license #. The DMV has a small office that is a presumptive office that issues you a number in case you decide to get a number. It happens when you give the officer your name. But so far no problem. Date to appear in court, but no consent has been given. Send ticket back with a notice of no consent.

If, you go get a license, any tickets created with the number for your ‘pending’ license. If they can link you with that #, you are culpable to all those past infringements. This is very unique to California. Assumptions made in every state can be very different.

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To do study NC vehicle code. Insurance Bond? Bond as Insurance?

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