January 14, 2019


So now I’m back to the subject of identification.


There is something romantic about the idea of pledging one’s allegiance to a local area rather than the massive federal government. That said, in practical terms, I’m going to be moving between states quite often and I’m aiming to avoid the classification of citizen anyways.

So on further research1 it seems very unlikely that anyone would allow the issuance of a state passport. But I am not giving up on a general ID issued by North Carolina that isn’t given by the DMV.


Renting a car is a huge hurdle. Because even if there is a legal hole for me as an individual, convincing the company to use it will only be an uphill battle.


It is very possible to apply for and receive a passport that does not contain a social security number. Not sure about birth certificate, but I’m pretty sure someone could help me out there.

The real trouble/unknowns invovle verification. How can I know for sure that my passport will exist with my name labeled as an American National, or any similar non-citizen label?

Steps To Get National Passport

  1. Get papers
  2. Determine Speed
    • Fast, make an appointment with regional passport agency. Pay extra, get passport within 2 weeks. (or less)
    • Find your local passport acceptance facility. They are probably a post office and will require an appointment too. Some universities provide the service.
  3. Submit

The honorable Elaine xyz, Secretary of State [of North Carolina],

I have a special request for information that I hope your office will be able to assist me with.

In past times there are examples of various States having issued their own passports to individuals within the State simply from a request issued by the writing of a letter. As we all know the times have changed drastically since the mid 19th century, and regulations have grown like cobwebs over nearly every domain of American law.

My correspondance here concerns the requirement of a SSN for the issuance of a state sponsored ID. It is apparent to me that the Division of Motor Vehicles has its own policy of requiring individuals it deals with to be registered with the Social Security Administration. However it is also apparent that the Governor of North Carolina has an obligation to provide the people with a form of identification that is acceptable in this day and age.

By requiring a SSN for the sole form of legal identification it unreasonably restricts the rights of the people. The SOS of NC ourght to provide a form of identification that requires nothing more than an application, witness(es), and/or another acceptable proof of identity. I am sure I have made a mistake in this line of reasoning and look forward to you and your office correcting my mistake.

[The gist: requiring a SSN is a clear violation of the spirit of the constitution]


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