January 24, 2019

Relocating To A Rural Area

Research Needs

Of all of Maslow’s needs I’ve determined a place to sleep and a job that provides a useful amount of income are the two largest obstacles, by far. The most ideal home makes good use of your budget, contributes to your well-being, provides a venue to entertain guests, affords more money making opportunities, and gives you privacy.


Involves land, rental agreements, cost of buying, income, savings.


There are always those “easy” jobs that can be obtained with a little persistence and time:

  1. Server
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Cashier
  4. Car Sales
  5. Car Washer
  6. Landscaping
  7. Moving (harder without experience)
  8. Factory, Distribution Center (experience good, hours could be rough)

Thus is makes little sense to focus on getting those jobs before the move, and much more sense to set aside some money to cover the first month of joblessness. That does not mean I should simply wait for the move to come without preparing for work in some way. Since 2014 I’ve tentatively decided that if I develop a proper career or craft to specialize in, it will be something along the line of sales, business creation, or working with law. Something that interacts with many different specialties. But now that I’m aging and my hyperactive mind is starting to gain some experiential wisdom, I’m much more interested in the simple things. Since my goal is the creation of a haven for my future family, the priorities are skills that revolve around homesteading, independence, off-grid life, etc. Which brings me to look for a job in the more “traditional” trades.


  1. Conservation
    • Gardening
    • Hunting
    • Permaculture, working with, not at the expense of.
    • Surveying in the Anglo-Euro tradition of private property In regards to different governments, official title of surveyor. In regards to a local community.
    • Surveying as exploration and understanding the world.
  2. Bushcraft
    • Guide
    • Trail builder/designer


  1. Tiny Home
    • aka Simplest possible form of modern house building.
  2. Timber Framing
  3. Cobb / Adobe
    • Brick Construction
    • Plaster finishing
  4. Earthworks
    • Machine Operator
    • Building a pond, sculpting hills, creating terraces, etc.


  1. Blacksmith
  2. Jewelry, Silversmith

People: sales, politics, leadership, etc.

  1. Local Campaign
  2. B2B sales with a salary

Landing One From Afar

  1. Narrowing down the goals.
    • Ideally I should pull from each of these subjects and see what exists in the area. There’s a good chance only a few of these jobs have admirable people that work and are proficient in the fields.
  2. Figure out how to give value.
  3. Start giving value.
  4. Write an informed letter….
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