January 31, 2019

Car Ownership Remedies

Here’s what I think can happen right now if I have a bad altercation with a cop:

  1. He can take my car.
  2. He can put me in jail.

1. Confiscation

Once I am free and clear I can visit the towing company that impounded my car (or whatever entity is responsible) and see what I need to be in good standing with them. It may very well be that some simple paperwork, with a notarization, is all that they require to give it back.

Or I can go the court route and eventually get a court order to have it returned.

2. Jailing

So long as I say nothing to compromise my position, they have no basis to keep me there indefinitely. I should be released by the 24 hour mark. After which point I can issue lawful actions against the cops and related agencies to my heart’s content.

“Prevention is the best remedy.”

There are many anecdotes of men and women driving without plates, getting arrested, taking offenders to court, and one way or another they are free to go and all the local cops are instructed to stand down whenever they encounter them.

In my ideal world, this would be acheived before I even have to get arrested or have my vehicle impounded. A Governor certified letter, written admission from DMV that they have no authority over me,


It is time to go back to some more fundamental law on 1215.org and understand the nature of contracts within the DMV. And how implied consent can be used to my advantage.

NC Notary Options

UPS $2-$20

Other Private Notaries, same/similar cost.

What can they notarize? Well it seems that they can notarize anything that requires your signature. Their purpose is simply to affirm that your signature is true and of your own voluntary will.

The business of notarization spans across several venues. This part isn’t hard at all. It’s going to be filing paperwork with registers of deeds or a court that may be tricky.

And yes, all of this will require an ID.

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