February 2, 2019

Last Minute Job

*The goal is to get just enought money while I’m living with my parents to get my ass to MA where I’ll have a job waiting and land to move onto.

1. Blue Collar Work

I’m game for any labor jobs you have. Looking for ongoing work over the span of 6 weeks. Open to negotiation for rate.

2. Blue Collar w/ Mentor

Cheap min wage work in exchange for learning a skill. There’s got to be a way to make some cash and learn at the same time.

The only people who’d be willing to do this are the small business trademen that have a rough personality and aren’t exactly pleasant to work for.

3. Local Farms

Check out all the regional farms that I can buy food from and send out lots of emails asking if they need help

Summerfield Farms, Greensboro
Buck Creek Farm, Lexington
Asgard Farm, Gibsonville

Alright let’s get 1-3 into some postings on craigslist.

To Whom It May Concern, 

I'm an energetic twenty six year old man looking for work. I have 
been in the Triad area for several years now, took some college 
classes, did a programming bootcamp, and for the past 2 years 
mostly restaurant work. I am posting here to find a temporary job 
to fill up my mornings and/or afternoons. 

I am open to everything from construction work to dog sitting. If 
you have any events planned I am an experienced server, with some 
bartending experience. 

Eh, it’s a start. In my title I need a mix of all-caps and normal.

MORNING/AFTERNOON LABOR: Will Work At Negotiable Rate.

I'm a 26 year old guy that is currently in between jobs and looking for
work. I have professional experience as a server and a partial education
in computer engineering. Any small business men and women who need
assistance with serving/bartending, comoputer management, other event help, 
or any kind of general labor; I can offer a reasonable rate for attentive

My available schedule is morning and afternoons, from Wednesday through Monday. 
Currently unavailable on Tuesdays. 

4. Things To Sell

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