February 5, 2019

The Larger Picture

What is this brand for? I mean really, why did I decide to do this? An eventual passive income? Yeah sure everyone builds an audience with that in mind. But in the meantime there has to be a very potent motivator and purpose, otherwise this isn’t a good use of my time. Let me think..

If this brand never grew, if only 10 people a year read the blog would I be happy? No. Would it continue? As a personal journal.

I’m not looking for and don’t need explosive growth. I’m just looking for that steady exposure that an online brand can attain with a little work. Besides, most of the work has been done by others. We simply have to find them and fold them in.

In 2 years TBR could be a personal blog, movement, community, or dead in the water. I just know that this is the direction I want to go in. So long as I leverage my assets, don’t fight the current, and poke my head up from time to time to see the view; I’m content.


So what role does “The Gram” play? Exposure. Without a doubt. The perfect spot for shameless self promotion. It can be very shallow and it can be very informative.

Perhaps my initial problem was trying to push too hard and grow too fast. There may be room for short term pushes on my account, but that was simply not sustainable for myself. After all this is only a side gig. Maybe it is time to appreciate the few followers that will read my posts in detail and write posts with them in mind.

There are certain milestones in an IG account’s life, they are all measured in followers. 1,000 followers is the amount it takes to put you on the map. 5k opens some opportunities with networking, and from there you can leverage it all (assuming post quality is high) to 100M+ within a year.

WTF was I thinking? I fell for the bait. That whole line of thinking is simply prime time economics applied to the internet. It’s not sophisticated and doesn’t account for the individuals with 1,000 of the hardest and most honest true fans.

That doesn’t mean that building this is any easier. I have to accept that I’m in a primitive canoe on a fast moving river. There are crucial decisions to make, but I’m mostly just along for the ride.

So let’s revive the dream and see where this takes me.

Posts For The Gram

Revival, Rebirth, The Beginning Of 2019

[March 17 - April 5]

Summer is about living, exploring, producing, enjoying. Fall is about slowing down, preparing, last chances, gratitude. Winter is about reliance, consumption, survival, death. Spring is about renewal, waking, increased energy, new life.

These are all ideas and relationships we’re familiar with. Yet we celebrate the New Year in the middle of winter.

Intuition suggests that a new year is born in the springtime and history is full of examples to confirm that.

There may be a myriad of reasons why things are the way they are, but perhaps we could benefit from a change in our traditions.

So join me in celebrating the beginning of 2019 on the first new moon of the spring.


[Image of trail, path, looking back]

2018 exile, hopelessness, wallowing in failure, experiencing a new rock bottom.

2017 I experienced a renewal of hope, a release of inhibitions, carelessness of consequences, fast-paced pleasures, burning of resources.

2016 New experiences, renewed hope of childhood dreams, a renewal of social anxiety after a relaxation, confidence in my ability to provide for myself, confusion about my future.

2015 Uncertain future, but also a huge paradigm shift. A temporary acceptance of my inability to progress. It allowed me to settle with where I was and focus on self improvement.

2014 An aggressive desire to push forward into the next chapter while still having no idea where to go. No mentor, no one to talk to, and parents as confused as myself.

Every year contains the cycles hope, growth, progress. In some seasons these aspects of myself extend in the positive direction, in others the negative. Nothing lasts forever and everything is constantly changing.

Perhaps in 2019 I will begin to understand how I can leverage this understanding to better effect. In the same way a bipolar individual knows to schedule their tasks around their mood calendar.


[Bicycle, Runner, Map]

Stay still, work hard, move slowly, act earnestly, and take care of the profits.

Despite the wonderfully frenetic energy of people like @GaryVee, we can’t be everything or be everywhere at once. “Working harder and longer” has its limits. At the end of the day we must all prioritize. And now after a certain “change of heart” I am directing my waking hours to a form of settling down.

Relocating myself to a unfamiliar area for the sake of developing a young romance, gaining a new perspective of the world, acquiring skills to last me through life, and staying put long enough to focus my efforts into developing real wealth. Doing this all outside the influence of my immediate family.

If I prepare properly and can provide myself with my basic needs this time, there’s no reason to suspect that I won’t flourish.

Even though the preparation isn’t straight forward. The plan is entirely unique, and I am executing it purely on beginner’s luck.

I believe I’m doing what is most right for myself, those I care about, my community, the world, and God. Far from perfect, but pure enough to not feel guilty.

Here’s to a successful 12th moon.


Truth Bleeds Red 2018