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Black Dragon Tea

Legends & Stories

Legend of Wulong (

A man with the nickname of Wulong, who accidentally stumbled across the processing of Oolong tea.

The 2 Brothers

A dog and a dragon, who are brothers, fight. The dragon wins, but is led to repent for killing his brother. Does so by turning himself into a tea tree.

DobrĂ¡ Oolongs

Bao Zhong

Ping-Lin, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Possibly Si Ji or Qing Xin varietal.

Sinensis. April - May 500 - 800 Lightly rolled.

Produced to imitate the famous Wen Shan Bao Zhong. A green Oolong.

Acidic, rich, green. Undergoes a very light 10-15% oxidation. ta Is very likely to have been hand-picked. With the uniquely long and mishapen leaves.

Tie Guan Yin, "Iron Goddess"

Anxi County, Fujian Province, China.

Varietal is unconfirmed. Min Nan is a possibility as well.

Sinensis. Tie Guan Yin. Unknown

Likely 300-600 meters.

Unknown 20-20% Oxidation, sometimes roasted. Pickings are usually fully mature leaves.

Appears to be a strong division between the newer style and the older style. Newer Jade types of TGW originated in Taiwan and took root in the 1990s. Although "Jade" tends to denote a lack of roasting more than anything else.

TGW's can be harvested at any time of year; usually a spring, summer, or fall harvest.

Tung Ting, "Frozen Summit"

Tung Ting Mtn, Lugu Region of Nantou County, Taiwan Sinensis. Spring (unconfirmed) 600 - 800 3-4 leaves, occasional bud. By hand or machine. Bruised and tossed in bamboo baskets. 15-30% oxidation before firing (sometimes over coal).

Can be a greener Oolong or a roastier one depending on the exact processing. Some are oxidized more and roasted more.

Ali Shan Jin Xuan, Milky Oolong

Ali Mountains, Taiwan 1,000 - 2,300 meters Sinensis. Jinxuan, or Qingxin. Spring bud and 3 leaves. light oxidation

More information on Ali Shan.


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